Create your signature coffee with Starbucks

If you are among the millions who enjoy your coffee from Starbucks and you like to go a bit outside the norm when it comes to flavours etc. then their latest social media initiative might be a fun few minutes for you – Personalize your Starbucks signature drink.

My signature Starbucks coffee

All you have to do is go to and start creating your own signature drink, whether it is a hot or cold coffee drink, there are 87,000 espresso drink combinations to explore to find just the right taste for you. The process is completely visual on a well designed webpage. If i were to add any suggestions it would be to perhaps add some sound, or perhaps some video at the end that shows your drink being made. Think being able to share a video and not just an image could be a really cool thing that would make this effort even more viral.

Personally i have a sweet tooth so i went for a tripple shot, no cream, light foam, cinnamon dolce, non fat, extra hot cafe mocha. Might actually try to order that one when i stop by my local Starbucks later.

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