Moods of Norway: happy clothes from norway to happy people of the world

Moods of Norway - happy norwegian clothes for happy people

As a Norwegian living abroad i know that being colorful and a bit out there is not what people generally associate with Norwegians. But that is changing with a clothing company from a little village on the west coast of Norway – Meet Moods of Norway.

Moods of Norway has the motto of: “Happy clothes for happy people” and their collections reflect that, bringing you bright colors combined with norwegian history and fairytales characters, including trolls.

Started by two designers from Stryn following an afterparty in Hawaii in 2003 the brand has grown into one of the best known Norwegian brands that are not associated with either oil or gas. Outside of their Super Duper Stores in Norway, they have also opened stores on Rodeo Drive in LA, as well as in Tokyo, Japan. Hopefully we will soon see a store here in the UK as well.

As a norwegian living here in the UK it is great to have a clothing brand that represents Norway so well in the international community, showing the slightly more fun and quirky side of Norway, a side that far to few people know about.

You can follow Moods of Norway either on Facebook or @moodsofnorway on Twitter, and make sure to visit their great website and online store.

PS! if anyone from Moods of Norway is reading this feel free to get in touch as i would be happy to provide my services helping to launch here in the UK.

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