Happy 40th birthday Starbucks!

The evolution of the Starbucks logo

Starbucks is today celebrating its 40th anniversary and they are doing so by introducing their new logo, new store designs, and new some new gems for the customer as well.

Ever since they poured the first coffee over at Pike Place in Seattle, WA Starbucks have been a brewing success story. There has been the ups and downs, but they have always come out on top, redefining the coffee industry and how we consume coffee today.

Personally i had only read about Starbucks before coming to the UK a good 6 years ago, but ever since arriving i have been a regular at pretty much every Starbucks coffee shop in Leeds and wherever else my travels have taken me.

I guess you can call me a fan. Not just because i do enjoy their coffee and atmosphere, but also because i like the story and the brand, and i find it interesting to follow the changes they go through as they embark on the next chapter in their corporate life.

The new logo have taken some flak from devoted followers because the lack of coffee in the name, but i can see the thought behind it, managing a global brand and its presence as they continue to explore new product ranges to grown the value of their shareholders.

Being able to make revenue throughout the different stages of the value chain is key to the success of a global brand of this magnitude, and i look forward to see what comes next.

Happy 40th birthday Starbucks!

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