Apple surges to top as most valuable brand in the world

After four years at the top of the most valuable brand in the world listing, Google has been dethroned by Apple, so it looks like the battle of the giants continue.

Top global brands 2011 (WPP listing)

Thanks to a 84 percent increase in value Apple has taken the top listing in the new BrandZ top 100 most valuable global brands, surpassing Google by quite a substantial margin, dominating the listing completely.

It is interesting to see valuations of the two top companies that are fighting it out for global mobile supremacy. The hardware strategy of Apple is clearly paying off based on this valuation, but how long will it be before Google reclaims the throne as their Android platform is taking a larger and larger share of mobile handsets. Speaking of mobile market, Nokia takes a big drop as their valuation falls by 28 percent.

It is also nice to see that non-technology brands are doing well in the listings, with Coca Cola and McDonalds going strong, party thanks to their efforts embracing social media to keep their brand relevant in the changing consumer market. In part this shows the importance of social media in a company’s overall brand strategy to ensure delivering value to investors.

You can read more about the criteria of the valuation of the brands from the WWP website.

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