The Manifesto

At the moment DigiSquared represents my work and interest in digital media, marketing, and business in general. It is used to share some of the stuff that i am working on as well as hopefully provide tips, insight, and analysis that you will find useful.

My background is in online/digital marketing from different sectors, as well as being a blogger and increasingly doing all i can to become a digital entrepreneur.

Feel free to get in contact if you like any of the views/insight/ideas that is presented on this site, and want to discuss projects or find out more about the services i can provide.


About me: Daniel Tangen

Born and raised on a small island called Aukra just outside the small city of Molde on the west coast of Norway, but been living in the UK for the last 6 or so years, where i have been working in online marketing since finishing my MSc in Marketing at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Currently involved and interested in digital marketing and business, including trends in mobile, online and social media. Always chasing the next big opportunity in the world of digital.

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brand experience

It is natural for a business to chase growth and wanting to get bigger and more successful. But there are many potential traps along the growing path, with one of the key ones being customer experience with your brand and managing brand perception along the way.



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